What we do:

Approximately 40% of landfill waste is from usable materials from construction & demolition debrisOur mission is to reduce these amounts of reusable materials from going into our overburdened community landfills.

How we do this: 

We accomplish this by accepting donations of new or used building materials from the public & private sectors and through our Demolition/Deconstruction team.  We display these materials in our warehouse located at 23 West Main Street Mount Pleasant PA for the community to purchase at deeply discounted prices. The monies profited from the store go back into our parent charity Community Action.


Why we do this: 

We stand for our mission and the mission of Community Action to change people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, and improve communities. We do this by offering the public an outlet for building materials to complete home improvements cost-effectively, create jobs through our Demolition/Deconstruction Program and to educate directly, but indirectly by means of the environment. Whether we permit chance environments to do the work or whether we design environments for the purpose makes a great difference.



American Architectural Salvage is the 501c3 Social Enterprise of

Community Actions:  WestmorelandSouthwest & Fayette.