Salvaging/Deconstructing Building Materials

Deconstruction (otherwise known as ‘construction in reverse’) has strong ties to environmental sustainability. In addition to giving materials a new life cycle, it helps lower the need for virgin resources. This is a major benefit because construction & demolition waste account for approximately 20% of our solid waste stream. These benefits include:

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces the construction and demolition waste stream going to already overburdened landfills
  • Saving natural resources that would otherwise be used, reducing the need for, and environmental impacts of virgin materials.
  • Saving energy by reclaiming and reusing materials.

Social Benefits

  • Monies generated are put back in to local communities and programs.
  • Deconstruction’s basic skills are easily learned, enabling unskilled & low skilled workers to receive on the job training.
  • Creates jobs because it requires more labor.

Items that are most often removed are doors, windows, cabinets, vanities, molding, and lighting fixtures, but not limited to only these items. These items are reclaimed for their usefulness and resold to the general public at a more cost effective price point at our warehouse.

If you are interested in deconstruction to a property or business, please contact American Architectural Salvage.